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Unpacking Industry Hurdles

April 25, 2024

Top Takeaways from the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Oncology Site Solutions

This month, our Catalyst Oncology team has been eagerly diving into conference engagements! While some of our team was immersed in the American Association for Clinical Research (AACR) conference, others were thrilled to attend the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Oncology Site Solutions.

Blaine Maloney, Associate Director, Central Site Services, Catalyst Oncology, attended and was as a speaker on the “Navigate the Global Regulatory Landscape” expert panel. He returned with some key takeaways from the SCRS Oncology Site Solutions conference surrounding the challenges prevalent in the clinical trial industry. 

Some hurdles facing oncology clinical research sites include: 

Concerns about site budgets and the disconnect between CROs and sponsors

Difficulty balancing client needs and the potential slowdowns caused by piecemeal submissions

Decreased enrollment stemming from increasingly complex informed consent forms (ICFs)

Increase in site staff turnover rates resulting in a less experienced workforce

Constant changes in regulations


Clearly, the hurdles in our industry are complex. That is why it’s crucial to partner with a CRO that recognizes these challenges and tackles them as they arise. Catalyst Oncology’s approach to these industry obstacles is grounded in our experienced team members and our company core values that guide us as we partner with both our clients and our sites: Collaboration, Listening, Flexibility, Commitment, and Learning.