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Helping to Bring Immunotherapies to Cancer Patients in Need

Andrew Zupnick, PhD
October 19, 2023

Catalyst Oncology is a specialty oncology clinical research organization (CRO) devoting time, energy, and capital to supporting biotechs in bringing next-generation immuno-oncology (IO) therapies to cancer patients in need. Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding, and continually evolving. Bringing effective IO therapies to proof-of-concept and then to market as fast as possible is our mission because every second counts for patients and their families living with cancer. 

>40% of our active oncology portfolio is IO

We understand the nuances of IO trials

Active Next-generation oncology experience

Working both locally and globally across Phases I through III in a range of solid tumor and hematologic indications, we understand the nuances of complex study designs, novel endpoints, and cutting-edge technologies.