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Early Phase Oncology Site Network: Benefits of a Personal Touch

Adam Coleman
April 02, 2024

Network models for large contract research organizations (CROs) tend to focus on high volume and big data. Catalyst Oncology’s early phase site network disrupts the status quo and is a differentiator for our early phase oncology solution, swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction from large CROs. Catalyst Oncology focuses on dedicated relationships with sites and sponsors, site advocacy, and a true understanding of reducing the site burden.

Steeped in Catalyst’s corporate values of listening, learning, flexibility, collaboration, and commitment, our site network model is based on quality relationships. We listen to sites and sponsors to understand their respective needs, and then align sites with sponsors for successful execution of their trials. We commit to communicating with each stakeholder to ensure high-quality outcomes, and our collaboration is built on the elements inherent in inspiring our sponsors to design and deliver better oncology trials. When we align our values, we provide superior solutions to sites and sponsors, which ultimately serves the patients.

Building real site network relationships

Instead of emphasizing relationships that support critical research, typical CRO site networks build toward volume measured by master confidential disclosure agreements and marketing materials as tangible outputs. The Catalyst Oncology model is built toward specialized relationships ultimately eliminating unnecessary, redundant processes and timeline delays.

For sites, we recognize the pivotal role they play in the research ecosystem and are committed to providing them with the resources and support necessary for excellence. By fostering a collaborative environment built on trust and mutual respect, we empower our sites to deliver high-quality data and exceptional patient care.

Furthermore, our focus on dedicated site relationships extends to our sponsors. Our emphasis on personal touch translates into a more streamlined and efficient engagement. We provide a dedicated team committed to understanding the unique needs of each study, offering tailored solutions, and maintaining open lines of communication. By fostering strong relationships with sponsors, we ensure clarity, accountability, and ultimately, success in helping to bring innovative treatments to market.

Delivering early phase oncology trial results through a strong site network

The result? Highly productive, engaged sites with a desire to initiate quickly and offer next-generation therapies to their patients, delivering trial data with quality and on schedule.

Consistency with our sites leads to trust, which builds toward efficient and reciprocal processes. This then leads to successful outcomes for sponsors and sites. Catalyst Oncology’s long-term vision is to partner with our network sites to build a portfolio of trials that combine to offer a range of cutting-edge treatment options and meet the needs of their local patient populations.

Catalyst Oncology does this through

Early phase specialty centers and key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Intentionally keeping the early phase network small

Dedicated relationship manager at Catalyst

First right of refusal for novel therapies and study designs

Rapid first patient in (FPI)

Our goal is to deliver high-quality, successfully executed early phase oncology trials for our sponsors, which is rooted in the personal touch we bring to each site. Our sites are extensions of our company’s purpose to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials.