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Oncology Site Network

Delivering Site and Sponsor Empowerment

We know site responsiveness, data-driven decisions, and an extensive site network are vital for oncology studies. Our site network model addresses rapid first-patient-in goals and supports a tailored approach to site needs.

Extensive geographic reach

Our network spans and continues to expand across the U.S., Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. This allows us to rapidly activate on oncology clinical research studies in diverse locations.

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Specialized research sites

Catalyst Oncology’s site network includes specialized research sites that focus exclusively on oncology clinical trials along with investigators with oncology experience. These sites have the expertise, infrastructure, and people needed for high-quality research.

Site support teams

A team of experienced professionals—including principal investigators, research coordinators, and data managers—support each of our sites. Our central site team provides end-to-end support devoted to each site.

Engaged site network for oncology research

Catalyst Oncology recognizes the foundation of a successful study is maintaining active and engaged sites. Far too often each site is treated equally, which forces some to struggle through multiple contact points and occasionally redundant work.

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Connected network

Our oncology site network ensures you have a vibrant site network for early phase development. Our data-centric approach and technology solutions help you make informed decisions quickly.

Site management

Catalyst Oncology tailors the selection of sites to your study’s needs. We communicate with and supports, the sites to ensure an agile, adherent, and productive approach.

Site selection

Our site selection criteria result in specific recommendations based on Catalyst Oncology’s prior experiences and our established site network.

Catalyst Oncology concierge site support

We communicate with each site and learn how best we can support them throughout the trial. This helps us tailor the study to each site’s needs, instead of assuming they are all the same. Our model helps to streamline expectations and establish a cadence for status updates.

Small CROs are often exempt from red tape, and this has been the case with Catalyst. We appreciate your willingness to be nimble—on more than one occasion—for our team.

Leverage Our Site Network

Connect with Catalyst Oncology to learn how to reduce site and patient burdens.