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Catalyst has merged with Ce3 Inc. to form a market-leading next-generation oncology CRO expanding our depth of oncology-specific therapeutic expertise and supporting oncology studies exclusively for biotechs.


A CRO Built for Oncology, Because Every Second Counts

Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding, and continually evolving. Catalyst Oncology devotes time, energy, and capital to support our customer’s oncology clinical research programs. We embrace a personal passion to work toward a cure, with a cultural tenet of being exceptional in one area instead of mediocre in many.

It takes a knowledgeable and experienced team to execute complex studies successfully. We support our clients in the most cost-effective manner using quality data to facilitate decision making. Bringing effective therapies to market as fast as possible is our mission. We know that every second counts for patients and their families living with cancer.

See what differentiates Catalyst Oncology as a market-leading next-generation oncology CRO:

Our Exclusive Partnerships with Biotechs

We provide support and services exclusively to biotech companies because we know and understand the biotech environment. Our 15+ years of experience allow us to quickly grasp the evolving needs of our clients so we can deliver the solutions essential to meet the evolving needs and unexpected changes inherent in oncology development. When protocols amend or emerging data suggest a breakthrough straight from Phase I to registration, we are ready.

Our Seasoned Oncology Experts

The study-specific team is the number one contributor to a positive sponsor/CRO relationship. Our oncology niche guarantees you a seasoned team across all functions, and in leveraging our Catalyst Flex solution with 1,900 oncology experienced CRAs, we can align teams by phase, indication, drug class, or even personality type to best fit your team chemistry.

Our Next-Gen Oncology Experience

The biotech industry is the spark that drives innovation for new oncology therapies.  Catalyst Oncology helps drive the next generation of novel therapies into the clinic and to cancer patients in need. Working largely in early- to mid-phase development across a range of both solid and hematologic indications, we provide:

  • Skilled management of safety and toxicity reporting
  • Expert oversight of complex study designs and novel endpoints
  • Awareness of the nuances of both targeted therapy and immuno-oncology trials with experience in CAR-T since 2015
Functional Service Provider

Catalyst Oncology is a niche Oncology CRO devoting time, energy, and capital to supporting biotechs in bringing next-generation therapies to cancer patients in need. Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding, and continually evolving. Learn more about our offerings.

Catalyst Oncology Indication Experience
Catalyst Oncology Drug Class Experience

Our Flexible Process and Solutions

Oncology studies require agility, customization, and attention to detail.  As a newer organization, Catalyst Oncology is not constrained by systems and decades-old processes that introduce delays for no regulatory-driven reason. We offer flexible solutions via Catalyst Flex if a single resource or FSP is needed, and Catalyst Oncology provides a full-service oncology solution that balances a robust infrastructure with enough flexibility to find creative solutions that expedite timelines and remove barriers.

Our Best-In-Class Technologies

We have made investments in systems and training not common amongst CROs our size.  This allows our teams to leverage technology-enhanced solutions and partnerships to stay current with industry trends while pushing data and updates to our sponsors so they can focus on big-picture milestones and not the minutia of study management.

Our Data-Driven Approach

With a protocol-focused clinical database, our cross-functional data review approach with integrated clinical science brings comfort in quality data. Our seasoned teams leverage a forms library for >70% of an oncology casebook and expedite EDC builds to 6-8 weeks and have built a proprietary Clinical Analytics Platform with 120+ standard displays that can be tailored to any oncology protocol.

Our Site Concierge Model

We recognize that the foundation of a successful study is maintaining active and engaged sites.  Catalyst Oncology’s Site Concierge model is focused on reducing the site and patient burden.  Too often, every site is treated with a “one size fits all” approach that forces them to struggle through multiple contact points and sometimes redundant work.  Our central site services team provides continuity of staff, aligning team members with our frequent ‘go-to’ sites to streamline communications and eliminate redundant requests.  This translates to quicker site activations and protocol prioritization simply by treating site staff as a partner. We are also actively growing a Catalyst Oncology Early Phase Site Network and are working with partners to leverage AI-based technologies that better match patients with trials for potential therapeutic benefit while reducing their burden to participate in a study.

Our Transparent, ‘people-first’ culture

Our “people first” culture ensures we are responsive and attentive to the needs of both our customers and our staff. Our industry-leading employee and project team retention guarantee program continuity, increased efficiency, and happy investigative sites. Viewing ongoing training and development of staff as a long-term investment in our partnerships improves executive oversight and gives customers the confidence that their program is in the best of hands.

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Combining our culture and core tenets of People First, Transparency, Responsiveness, Flexibility and Passion, with our laser-focus in oncology clinical research, you can rest assured knowing that your program is in the best of hands.