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Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics for Ease of Reporting

Catalyst Oncology enables access to investigate data in real-time during a clinical study for emerging therapies. To support this, we offer a technology-enabled solution that promotes transparency of data and metrics to monitor study performance.

Optimized data for faster informed decisions

In the complex landscape of cancer drug development, quick, informed decisions are crucial. Catalyst Oncology simplifies clinical analytics to enhance oncology studies. Our web-based clinical analytics platform offers real-time insights, streamlining your study operations.

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End-to-end data integration, from eCRF design to CDISC-compliant datasets
Developed by oncology veterans with cross-functional input
Data intelligence at your fingertips
Clinical analytics optimized for oncology

Modules developed by a cross-functional team of veterans with deep experience in oncology drug development and trial management ensure reporting is optimized.

  • Reporting and analysis of operational aspects
  • Seamless integration with diverse data sources
  • Intuitive clinical analytics environment
  • oncology-specific analytics and reporting
Transparent, data-centric approach

Our clinical analytics tool, supported by a clinical scientist, equips your team with a dynamic data environment, expediting informed decision-making.

Clinical analytics informs

  • Convenient access to aggregate and patient-level reports
  • Effortless identification of data trends and outliers
  • Enhanced insights influence study operations
Clinical analytics for better trial management

Catalyst Oncology study data, displays, and visualizations are easily accessible on an app-based platform. We support a central location for study intelligence and comprehensive data transparency. We are able to integrate multiple data sources that meet security, compliance, and regulatory standards.

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Our data-driven content includes:
  • Study oversight

  • Clinical safety

  • Portfolio profiles

  • Clinical efficacy and assessments

Ready to Accelerate Your Oncology Research?

Discover the Power of Advanced Clinical Analytics with Catalyst Oncology.