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Advanced Clinical Analytics


Catalyst Oncology’s web-based clinical analytics platform.

Uncover your study data
Inform your teams
Inspire timely decisions 

Simplify Data. Accelerate Decisions

Catalyst Oncology is a specialist Oncology CRO devoting time, energy, and capital to supporting biotechs in bringing next-generation therapies to cancer patients in need. 

Simplifying clinical research data can help accelerate the delivery of critical trial decisions, particularly in early-phase oncology studies. Oncology drug development requires close data surveillance to identify trends early and often mitigate overall risk. A lack of data transparency, cumbersome data-scrub processes, and the absence of actionable insights leads to slow-downs in critical decision-making. Catalyst Oncology’s web-based clinical analytics platform offers greater data insights throughout the study life cycle to better reveal emerging trends and enhance your study operations.  


Our clinical analytics platform streamlines the flow of data from entry to the creation of CDISC-compliant datasets, which are then utilized to generate specialized oncology reports and displays. We simplify the entire process by integrating end-to-end data from eCRF design to CDISC-compliant datasets. 

  • Developed by oncology drug development veterans with input from cross-functional stakeholders
  • Oncology-specific reporting for efficacy, DLT monitoring, cohort management, and patient profiles
  • Processed and structured datasets for easy review 

Data Intelligence at your Fingertips

Our reliable study data tool runs off Microsoft’s PowerBI data visualization platform, a seamless, web-based solution available 24/7/365. 

Optimized for Oncology

Reporting modules developed by a cross-functional team of veterans with deep experience in oncologydrug development and trial management.

Tailored Analytics

Experience optimized study data with the integration of a super-user clinical scientist who actively engages in data review. Our clinical analytics tool empowers the study team by providing a dynamic environment for data interaction, surpassing the limitations of static reports generated by traditional EDC systems. 


  • Conveniently access aggregate- and patient-level reports  
  • Easily identify data trends and outliers  
  • Faster implementation of mitigation strategies  
Functional Service Provider

Catalyst Oncology is a niche Oncology CRO devoting time, energy, and capital to supporting biotechs in bringing next-generation therapies to cancer patients in need. Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding, and continually evolving. Learn more about our offerings.

Our Service:

  • Data displays built for oncology-specific reports
  • Intuitive user interface
  • App- and web-based dashboards
  • On-demand study metrics
  • Transparent data and insights 


    Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling

    At Catalyst, our team of experts leverages AI technology and data visualization tools to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies gain valuable insights from their clinical data. With our predictive modeling techniques, we can help you optimize your trial design, identify potential risks and opportunities, and accelerate the drug development process. 

    Our Advanced Analytics Services Include: 

    • Data Visualisation through dashboards and drill-down reports
    • AI Enablement which showcases the possibilities that AI holds
    • Predictive Models which help you create the optimal trial design
    • CSR Automation on par with international regulatory agencies
    • Evidence Generation- new approach to resolve challenges using AI
    • SAMD beyond the capabilities of a typical medical device or hardware 
    Combining our culture and core tenets of People First, Transparency, Responsiveness, Flexibility and Passion, with our laser-focus in oncology clinical research, you can rest assured knowing that your program is in the best of hands.