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Site Activation from the UK: Allan Robinson

May 29, 2024

A Global Approach

Welcome to A Global Approach, a series celebrating our international Catalyst Oncology team members and their passions for the work they do for our clients. These spotlights highlight some of our team across the world working to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials.

Headshot of Allan Robinson

Allan Robinson

Allan Robinson, Senior Site Activation Manager II, Catalyst Oncology, lives in Hitchin, which is located between London and Cambridge, UK. He has more than five years of experience in clinical research and site startup (SSU). Previously he worked in quality control, project management and as an upstream bench scientist.

The key focus of Allan’s role is to ensure that submissions to the European and UK authorities are approved, and sites are activated within the agreed timelines so patients can be treated as early as possible.

“It gives me a great sense of fulfillment,” Allan says about being part of Catalyst Oncology. “It’s sometimes difficult to find a career where your own aspirations closely align, which I feel at Catalyst. It’s a nice feeling to have.”

Allan’s normal workday involves responding to sponsor and site queries, attending regular calls with sites and sponsors, working on submission tasks, and providing general oversight to European countries for sites in SSU and maintenance. 

“Knowing that the company is a contributing factor in pushing the boundaries of modern science,” Allan says, “and having a positive contribution towards patient quality of life are the two things that get me excited about work at Catalyst Oncology.”

Allan enjoys working in a global company with a variety of people who have different backgrounds. He likes to learn how each country’s process is different and know how countries can impact each other when it comes to SSU activities. Allan notes that Catalyst has a dedicated team with extensive experience who can meet client expectations and can handle any unexpected hurdles (which invariably arise).

“Knowing that Catalyst Oncology globally contributes to pushing the boundaries of modern science while positively contributing toward patient quality of life keeps me excited about working here.”

The company’s core values are the main reasons Allan works with Catalyst. “It’s unique for a contract research organization to have such strong core values—Listening, Flexibility, Collaboration, Commitment, Learning—which the company makes great effort to adhere to,” explains Allan. 

Catalyst Oncology has staff around the world, such as Allan Robinson, to support our clients’ oncology clinical trial work. Contact Catalyst Oncology to learn where we are and how our global approach exclusively serves the biotech oncology sector.