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Study Builds at Pandemic Speed: The Evolving Global Landscape of Clinical Trials

February 16, 2021

The need to rapidly develop both a preventive and therapeutic intervention against COVID-19 has propelled the pharmaceutical industry into action.

The demand for the reduction in study build times requires agile adoption of technology, process, and resources. Speed, without impacting quality and regulatory requirements, has never been more critical. Sponsors and CROs alike are utilizing Medidata best in class technology and their rapid study build methodologies to shorten study builds from 14 weeks to just 4 weeks to ensure fast study starts without impacting quality.

In this Medidata NEXT Global session, Medidata’s senior director of client engagement, Edward Ford, together with Corey Harrison, Catalyst Data Analyst, talk about utilizing Medidata Rave EDC and Rave Coder along with their study build expertise to expedite their COVID-19 studies.