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Enhancing Clinical Trial Flexibility

Craig McIlloney
Svetlana Kolchinsky
July 01, 2024

One of the ways to trim drug development costs and be more efficient is to outsource some areas of drug development. When outsourcing, sponsors have found it acceptable to utilize contract research organizations (CROs) and functional service provider (FSP) models. In recent years, many companies have realized the benefits that narrower, functionally-specific FSP models provide, which has made FSP increasingly relevant. Now FSP models provide increased operational and resourcing flexibility and different pricing plans in comparison to traditional full-service CRO offerings.

Today’s FSP offerings should lead with a solutions-oriented approach that supplies the right people, processes, and technology with approaches that are adjustable and scalable, and are designed to flex as needs change.

It is no secret that expertise in functional areas accelerates drug development delivery. Plans for outsourcing will include functional areas that augment a sponsor’s internal technology, resources, and people. With a tailored-for-need FSP model, cost efficiencies arise from aligning experienced staff with a deep understanding of managing costs and enabling them to successfully plan work