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Clinical Operations

Flexible Approach to Clinical Operations

Catalyst Flex engages clinical research professionals across therapeutic areas with 15 to 20 years of experience in project management, site management, and clinical monitoring and oversight.

Select to fit your clinical operations needs

Catalyst Flex offers flexible processes and technology that are then customized and selected to fit your needs, including for biostatistics and statistical programming. Our experienced team members have 10 years or more of experience in therapeutically-aligned areas. They complement your teams and need minimal onboarding or training for clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas.

All phases of a project can be supported
Reduce burdens by using our site management, monitoring, and oversight
Electronic trial master file (ETMF) set up and management
Project reporting and performance monitoring

Expertise in clinical operations

Catalyst Flex engages highly skilled and experienced industry professionals to meet study and therapeutic requirements. Our staff manage all phases of a project, from start up, conduct, and close out. We provide site management, monitoring, and oversight.

Committed to operational excellence and strategic oversight
Guidance throughout the clinical trial
Flexible project management and clinical monitoring strategies
Industry-leading retention rate for efficiency and high performance 
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Transform Your Clinical Operations Today

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