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Helping to Bring Cancer Therapies to Patients 

June 13, 2024

Niche CRO with a difference

Catalyst Oncology is a niche oncology CRO devoting time, energy, and capital to supporting biotechs in bringing next-generation therapies to patients in need. Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding, and continually evolving. Bringing effective therapies to proof-of-concept and then to market as fast as possible is our passion because every second counts for patients with cancer and their families.

Exclusively biotech

Built to work exclusively with biotechs, our flexible processes and approach allow us to listen first, align goals, and execute with an eye to rapid shifts when protocols amend or breakthrough designations move a product straight from Phase I to registration.

Seasoned oncology experts

With a minimum requirement of 5+ years of oncology experience for key roles, our oncology niche guarantees you a seasoned team across all functions.

Flexible solutions and best-in class technologies

  • Full-service, resourcing, and functional service provider (FSP) options
  • Technology-enabled investments not typically seen with a company our size
  • Partnerships to leverage recent industry breakthroughs

Data-centric approach

  • Cross-functional oncology approach to quality data
  • Proprietary clinical analytics platform
  • 70% oncology forms and 120+ standard displays for rapid database deployment and protocol-specific analysis

Site network model

  • Centralized Site Services team
  • Streamlined site interactions to reduce site burden
  • Rapid site activations
  • Next-gen site network

Emerging targeted and immuno-oncology focus

  • Complex study designs and endpoints
  • Targeted therapies: biomarker and NGS selection
  • IO: bispecifics, gene therapy, cellular therapy
  • Experience in CAR-T since 2015

Next-gen Oncology experience

Working largely in early- to mid-phase development across a range of both solid and hematologic indications, we understand the nuances of complex study designs, novel endpoints, and cutting-edge technologies.