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Webinar: Clinical Trial Flexibility and Customization Needs that Are Required by Biotechs and Next-generation Therapies

January 21, 2021

COVID-19 has ushered in new challenges when conducting clinical trials, but mid-tier biotech companies have different needs than large pharmaceutical companies. When companies are conducting studies for therapeutic areas such as oncology, or clinical trials for next-generation therapies, a smaller sponsor requires a partner that is nimble, fast-acting, and flexible, as well as transparent. Communicating what is required is vital, but even more, having a partner that can communicate what is possible is key.

Tune into our DIA- hosted webinar where Andrew Zupnick, PhD, Vice President of Oncology Drug Development, Catalyst Oncology, and Susan Albert, Executive Director of Oncology Drug Development, Catalyst Oncology, alongside Carrie Melvin, Senior Vice President of Development Operations, X4 Pharmaceuticals, and Ted Kirby, Senior Director, Medidata Solutions, outline the key areas of support needed by mid-tier biotech companies for successful partnerships with clinical research organizations (CROs). 

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