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Biostatistics Excellence from New York to India: Ahmed Tariq

June 26, 2024

A Global Approach

Welcome to A Global Approach, a series celebrating our international Catalyst Oncology team members and their passions for the work they do for our clients. These spotlights highlight some of our team across the world working to inspire people to design and deliver better clinical trials.

Headshot of Ahmed Tariq

Ahmed Tariq

Ahmed Tariq, Biostatistician II, Catalyst Oncology, a New Yorker working from India, has nearly four years of contract research organization experience as a biostatistician. Ahmed conducts statistical study design and analysis. He enjoys interacting with the Catalyst Oncology team.  

Working at a global company exposes Ahmed to multiple cultures and allows him to feel he is making a difference. 

“Catalyst Oncology really provides me an opportunity to make a positive change all around the world, which is extra motivating,” says Ahmed. “I am also able to learn different perspectives from my colleagues across the world and apply them to provide the best results.” 

“Catalyst Oncology really provides me an opportunity to make a positive change all around the world, which is extra motivating.”

Ahmed spends his time interacting with sponsors and internal teams at Catalyst Oncology, collaborating to conduct successful clinical trials.  

“A big part of my day is working on my role-specific responsibilities, such as writing analysis plans and reviewing data,” Ahmed explains. “I have the freedom to work at my own pace which helps me deliver my best work.” 

He delivers his best work because of the Catalyst culture. 

“The amazing culture is one of the reasons I joined Catalyst. I experienced the culture initially through the managers who interviewed me,” he says. “Catalyst focuses on its people first, which has been extremely important for my development.” 

Ahmed knows that everyone has someone in their life that has been affected by cancer. That’s one of the reasons that working in this field gives him immense pride in what he does. He finds it very rewarding when he sees his work helps to improve the lives of patients who are going through their biggest battles. 

He explains that Catalyst strives to design and deliver better clinical trials by inspiring him and his colleagues, as well as the people we partner with. Catalyst provides the necessary flexibility and passion to achieve success by making a difference in healthcare. 

Catalyst Oncology has staff around the world, such as Ahmed Tariq, to support our clients’ oncology clinical trial work. Contact Catalyst Oncology to learn where we are and how our global approach exclusively serves the biotech oncology sector.