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What FSP Means to Us

Clinical trials need specialized, customizable clinical research support that leverages broad functional service and therapeutic area expertise. Catalyst Flex is a multi-therapeutic functional solution expert ready to partner for your clinical research and resourcing needs. We do more than fill a functional need.
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Find out more about our functional expertise
Redefining FSP and Designing Customized Solutions

Learn from Craig McIlloney, Senior Vice President, Catalyst Flex, about why functional outsourcing is important in today’s clinical trial industry and why the future of Catalyst Flex is so exciting. Catalyst Flex looks differently at being a functional service provider (FSP). Hear from Craig what that means.

Partner with Us for FSP Solutions
Svetlana Kolchinsky

Svetlana Kolchinsky, Vice President, Clinical Development Operations, Catalyst Flex, explains why the Catalyst Flex FSP model works so well for our customers. Our expertise is strengthened by our culture, which is one of the ways Catalyst Flex delivers FSP differently.

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