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PharmaSUG Takeaways: Connecting, Learning, and Leading

Lisa Mendez
May 31, 2024

Another year, another fantastic PharmaSUG 2024 conference! As SAS enthusiasts, we eagerly gathered to share knowledge, connect with fellow professionals, and explore the latest trends in life science and health research data analytics. The event was not only a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces but also a wonderful chance to meet new people.  

Diverse content and learning opportunities 

This year’s conference featured an impressive array of topics, ranging from advanced programming techniques to data standards and best practices. Attendees could access about 200 paper presentations, hands-on training sessions, and engaging e-posters. Notably, five of these sessions were delivered by our very own Catalyst Flex experts. 

Best Paper Award: Celebrating leadership skills 

Among the standout presentations, Catalyst’s Christiana Hawn, Senior Biostatistician, and Lily Ray, Biostatistical II, delivered a compelling session that resonated with the audience. “Leadership Lessons from Another Life: How my Previous Career Helped Me as a Statistician” received the prestigious Best Paper Award in the Leadership Skills section. Their insights on leadership lessons from previous experiences left a lasting impression on attendees. 

Networking opportunities: Building connections 

Beyond the formal sessions, the conference provided ample networking opportunities. The Catalyst Flex team engaged with industry leaders, decision-makers, and fellow professionals through various channels: 

Exhibitor Hall: Our booth in the exhibitor hall allowed us to showcase the power of Catalyst Flex. We connected with potential clients, shared success stories, and demonstrated how our solutions drive efficiency and innovation. 

Speed Networking: Quick, focused conversations during speed networking sessions enabled us to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and establish valuable connections. 

Mixers: Informal mixers provided a relaxed setting for deeper conversations. Whether discussing industry trends or sharing personal experiences, these moments fostered genuine connections. 

Water Cooler Chats: Lydia King, Director, Biostatistics, led a water cooler chat, where she unpacked the challenges of sustaining workforce engagement in a changing world. We chatted about challenges, solutions, and the future of pharmaceutical programming. 

Catalyst Flex Client Event: Catalyst Flex hosted the first annual Cocktails & Canapes event in conjunction with PharmaSUG. This was a fun evening connecting with current and potential clients, learning how we can all work together in new and innovative ways. 

Empowering decision makers 

At Catalyst Flex, we recognize that these networking moments extend beyond casual conversations. They are opportunities to empower decision-makers with insights into our services. By showcasing our expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence, we ensure that leaders understand the transformative impact of Catalyst Flex.  

As a functional service provider for innovative solutions, Catalyst Flex offers specialized, customizable clinical research support that leverages broad functional service and therapeutic area expertise. Our multi-therapeutic functional solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of clinical trials. Whether we are delivering individual resources, a single function within a trial, or fully outsourcing a dedicated team across multiple programs, Catalyst Flex will scale our solutions to meet your needs.   

As the PharmaSUG conference drew to a close, we reflected on the connections made, knowledge shared, and leadership celebrated. Until next year’s conference, let’s continue to build bridges, learn from one another, and drive innovation in health research.