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Rapid Report on Rare Disease Epidemiology

Sep 29, 2023 | Article

Clinical Trial Diversity has gained traction following recent regulatory updates with a focus on patient-centricity and innovation. This case study discusses how our medical writing and RWE expert staff enabled by AI-technology increased the operational efficiency of HEOR and Global epidemiology teams in a complex evidence synthesis project and helped a top five pharmaceutical company excel in their global diversity automation initiative at.


A US-based top five pharma sponsor wanted to rapidly curate key evidence across specific geographies on Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis (FSGS) epidemiology for identifying treatable population. Key challenges to the completion of an evidence synthesis product included:

  • The rare nature of data
  • Strict evidentiary requirements with expectations for accurate estimations
  • Client time constraints


To meet this unique business need a team of RWE functional experts were deployed. The team was enabled by an AI- based solution that provides evidence-based auto-sorting of records, intuitive NLP captures, and collaborative document editing with annotation. Finally, practical insights from public health experts, senior HEOR analysts, and epidemiologists were considered.


The Catalyst Flex solution delivered:

  • Early identification of distinct epidemiological transitions depending on variations in geographies
  • Report development time reduced by ~55% to 15 days
  • QC time reduced by 10 hours due to zero false positive retrievals and NLP-extracted epidemiology info

 This provided brand teams and market access teams with a report 8+ weeks ahead of their commercial strategies meeting for target markets and saved them up to 75% of the cost of a standard outsourced report.

Business impact: Our solution proved remarkable efficiency gain and accuracy for rare disease-related data curation, and also motivated the client to deploy it in their Global Epidemiology and Diversity Automation Initiatives to support multiple therapeutic areas.

Catalyst is committed to advancing standards and pushing boundaries in the rapidly evolving evidence synthesis landscape. We do this by enabling our RWE experts with innovative automation solutions and best practices compliant with regulatory and HTA needs supporting the design and delivery of better clinical trials.