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Multi-Therapeutic Functional Service Provider

Functional Solution Built With You in Mind

When you find you have considerable and steady overflow work in a particular functional area, yet you simply don’t have the resources to get the work done, a Functional Service Provider (FSP) could be an optimal solution for you. Catalyst has significant experience creating and managing functional workforces to optimize efficiency, while providing our customers a great deal of flexibility without compromising on quality.

As FSPs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we can design a customized solution for you that leverages your processes and infrastructure, ensuring efficiency, continuity and quality, across protocols and even business units.

FSP components may include:

  • Performance management
  • Administrative support (IT, human resources, etc.)
  • Pipeline and resource forecasting
  • Train the trainer
  • Governance and initiative oversight

We are adept at creating talented, optimal workforce teams focused in the following functional areas:

  • Biostatistics
  • Centralized or oversight monitoring
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Data management
  • Medical
  • Project management
  • Safety
  • Statistical programming

With Catalyst as your FSP partner, benefits are many and include:

  • Highly experienced resources: our people average 10+ years of experience.
  • Organically grown network: work with a consistent team that understands your systems, your processes and your expectations.
  • Budget predictability: because most FSPs use a monthly FTE by position fee structure, you’ll know the exact cost for adding a resource, virtually eliminating guesswork.
  • Economical model: especially when internal headcount additions are not an option.
  • Flexibility & scalability: our FSP model provides an easy and flexible way to scale up avoiding the expense of underutilized resources.
  • Collaboration & transparency: better long-term planning results in accurate resource planning ensuring meeting deliverables
  • Cultural fit: we seek to partner with companies that are a good “fit.” Strong relationships and collaboration are critical to making FSP programs successful.
Functional Service Provider

Creating a tailored workforce solution for you that maximizes economies of scale, while embracing an “extension of you” philosophy starts with listening. The bottom line is, we’re here to ensure your success by having the functional resources available when needed and to scale quickly to keep your programs on track. It’s as simple as that.

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