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COSMIC-19 Abstract Published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia

February 24, 2022

An abstract that focuses on COSMIC 19, a project funded by the iMATCH consortium, has been published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA). The abstract evaluated how the use of ‘continuous vital signs’ monitors could offer non-stop observations of ward-based patients, something that could revolutionise identification of patient deterioration.

Alex Dalton, a Master’s student mentored by the collaborators of COSMIC-19, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Aptus Clinical and Zenzium, Ltd., was also awarded the chance to present at the yearly BJA national conference. Because the conference was delivered remotely, the usual number of 20 presentation slots was limited to six, making this achievement even more impressive.

Alex stated that it was fantastic to have been part of COSMIC-19 during his master’s degree at the University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Gareth Kitchen and Dr Anthony Wilson at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

This was my first proper experience of medical research as part of my medical degree, and I was fortunate enough to be able to present our findings at the Royal College of Anesthetists Anesthesia Research 2021 conference and have an abstract published in the British Journal of Anesthetics.

Alex Dalton
Master’s student mentored by the collaborators of COSMIC 19

This comes after other achievements from the COSMIC 19 team, most notably the team and Dr Anthony Wilson being selected to feature in the NIHR CRN Greater Manchester’s Evening of Excellence as Innovation Influencers, which can be read here.

The team are delighted to be involved in the COSMIC 19 study and any further findings that come as a result. These additional findings will hopefully further justify the use of wearables and AI within clinical trials.

Further details about the COSMIC 19 project can found at