Flexible Solutions

Innovative, Tailored, Flexible … It’s Not Lip Service.

We’ve focused our careers and passion in the clinical research industry, and along the way we’ve learned how each study has its own exclusive needs, timing and nuances. As a unique and dynamic biopharmaceutical company, you truly need innovative, tailored and flexible solutions to help you reach your goals. To get you there starts with listening, then devising a plan of action that fits the purpose. Too often you’ve been talked to and forced into a predetermined solution. Not anymore. Not with us.

Catalyst Oncology

Great strides in science are driving new therapies and treatment options, in turn, increasing clinical trial operational complexities. Deep therapeutic and functional expertise, ingenuity and greater transparency are essential. We can help maneuver your life-changing oncology therapies through the complex and dynamic clinical trial environment with our flexible solutions, best-in-class technologies, data-centric approach, and much more. It all begins with listening.

Catalyst Flex

Creating a tailored workforce solution that embraces an “extension of you” philosophy starts with listening. Our pool of hand-picked professionals consists of the best and the brightest in the industry. That’s why our fit-for-purpose and flexible model of people and product-based services, built from more than a decade of clinical research experience, can provide enhanced capabilities and ensure study success for nearly any therapeutic indication.