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Unlocking Potential and Purpose for a Career in Clinical Research

July 03, 2023

Getting a GPS to Navigate Your Skills

For many clinical research professionals, navigating their calling can be complex, though often incredibly rewarding.  

Experts from Catalyst Flex, our multi-therapeutic client- or Catalyst-managed functional service provider solution, presented a paper on this topic at PharmaSUG 2023. The session, led by Lisa Mendez, PhD, principal statistical programmer for biometric resourcing, and Charu Shankar from SAS, empowered attendees to discover their calling in clinical research. Lisa’s key insights from the presentation can help identify ways to unlock your team’s potential and outline how Catalyst Flex applies culture-first values to everyday trial support for our customers.  

Unlocking potential

Lisa emphasized the importance of finding purpose in a changing world. Using psychometrics and SAS programming expertise, Catalyst Flex provides self-assessment tools to uncover professionals’ unique skills to help find roles where they can be fulfilled and drive maximum impact in clinical research. 

Connecting to purpose 

As a leading FSP, Catalyst Flex understands the value of aligning resources to purpose. Our flexible resourcing solutions enable efficient clinical trial staffing while ensuring individuals find true fulfillment in their work. By connecting job seekers with roles that match their strengths and passions, Catalyst Flex fosters a culture of engagement and excellence. 

Thriving in your career

Attendees were asked to reflect on their career paths and assess whether they were thriving or surviving. In this post-pandemic work environment, it’s a common challenge for many knowledge workers. Catalyst Flex empowers individuals to discover their passions and embrace the unique pathways within clinical research. This reflection is a crucial step in driving employee and customer satisfaction. 

Discover your ikigai

Lisa introduced attendees to “ikigai,” the convergence of passion, mission, vocation, and profession. Catalyst Flex helps individuals find their ikigai, aligning their work with their true calling. Our resources and expertise unlock professionals’ full potential, enhancing job satisfaction and performance. 

Empowering resources

Beyond flexible resourcing solutions, Catalyst Flex provides self-assessment tools, mentorship, and continuous learning programs. Our commitment to nurturing growth and purpose ensures that professionals in clinical research thrive in their careers and thrive in supporting customer trial delivery. 

Read the full paper here.

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