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5 Tips to Navigate Working from Home During COVID-19

September 02, 2020

The Coronavirus has added a variety of new challenges and obstacles to working from home.  More people at home mean more distractions.  The internet connection is lagging.  Cabin fever is at an all-time high.  So, how can we cope with the current work from home environment?

1. Create a schedule for work time and personal time.
It is healthy to set aside time specifically designated for being “at work” and for being “at home.” This will ensure you are creating a health work/life balance, which will keep you from working around the clock.

WFH tips during Covid
WFH tips during COVID

2. Designate productive workspaces.
Although your commute to work might very well be walking from your kitchen to your home office, it is important to have a designated space where you can complete work tasks, take phone calls, and focus.  Additionally, setting up workspaces for other family members at home will ensure productivity throughout the household.

3. Coordinate schedules.
With more people around the house than normal, it is important to coordinate schedules.  This will ensure that people are respectful of sharing space, staying quiet when necessary, and knowing when they should refrain from interrupting you.

WFH tips during COVID
WFH tips during COVID

4. Take time to move around.
Now more than ever it is important to make time to move your body.  Take a quick walk during your lunch break or in between meetings.  The fresh air will rejuvenate you and allow some much needed time away from the screen.

5. Be kind to yourself and others.
Whether you are a work from home professional or just starting out, it is important to remember that the current work environment is not normal.  Everyone is learning how best to navigate these challenging times, so be sure to make showing kindness to each other a priority.

WFH tips during COVID