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Catalyst Living the Values Awards 2023

February 23, 2024

At Catalyst Clinical Research, our people are the foundation of our organization and culture.

Team members live out Catalyst’s core values daily to help create a culture that enables us to do our best work. 

At this year’s Global Leadership Meeting, Catalyst recognized five of our exceptional leaders who stood out by modeling the five Catalyst core values. We extend heartfelt congratulations and celebrate with our deserving award winners: Jen Miller, Jeff Lazzara, Limna Salim, Robin Marquis, and Heather Braswell. 

Five Catalyst employees holding awards.
Limna Salim, Jeff Lazzara, Jen Miller, Robin Marquis, and Heather Braswell pose with their Catalyst Living the Values Awards 2023

Jen Miller, Senior Director of Clinical Monitoring, has shown herself to be a leader in modeling collaboration, learning, and commitment. Not only does Jen jump in to provide her sound advice, knowledge, and resources to support her team, but her leadership extends beyond, as she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her clients as well.  

Jeff Lazzara, Director of Project Finance, has excelled at implementing active listening and collaboration. He works as the glue to bridge the gap between operations and finance. His attentiveness and collaborative spirit are highly valued by his team and his clients as he actively strives to create genuine partnerships with all. 

In the wake of Catalyst’s acquisition of Genpro Research, Limna Salim, Head of Biometrics and Operations, India, has been a key leader as we grow and integrate our operations in India. Exemplifying collaboration and flexibility, she has successfully aided in the communication between the Catalyst team and the Genpro Research team, helping to form a strong unit that operates as one.  

Robin Marquis, Director of Information Technology, is an integral member of our organization and demonstrates each core value daily. As Catalyst expanded into India in 2023, Robin was on the frontlines, navigating any problem presented resulting in successful integration. She is a dependable and knowledgeable individual committed to our purpose at Catalyst.  

Lastly, Heather Braswell, Manager of Administration, is known as a “true champion” of the Catalyst culture. She goes above and beyond in displaying commitment, flexibility, listening, and collaboration with each task given.  She plays a crucial role in the day-to-day functioning of our organization, fostering seamless communication and collaboration globally.  

Congratulations to these leaders honored for anchoring their behaviors in Catalyst values daily. Each one is deserving of recognition for their unwavering dedication to Listening, Flexibility, Collaboration, Commitment, and Learning. Congratulations to our 2023 Catalyst Living the Values Award winners!