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C3 for Leaders Training Program

December 16, 2022

Further to our post celebrating our C3 for Leaders graduates, we wanted to highlight that our most recent cohort marks our 125th graduate through the program. The 125 graduates represent the Catalyst team across the globe.

The C3 for Leaders program is designed to help our leaders put our values and principles into action. Our Catalyst Core Culture or C3 is the foundation of our principles and values, which guide our operational decision making and behaviors. At the core of who we are here at Catalyst, we are empowered, we value one another, and we focus on keeping our commitments.

In recognizing that people create culture, we developed our C3 for Leaders Program; where leaders connect to discuss the experiences that help to create an environment of Listening, Flexibility, Collaboration, Commitment, and Learning [the Catalyst Core Values]. The program’s primary focus is to equip leaders with the tools to implement our values, best share them with the wider team, and contribute to building a strong culture.

Our goal is for all leaders within the company to complete the program within one year of their start with Catalyst. Ultimately, we’re striving to create an environment where people feel inspired and a sense of belonging, which shines through in the way that we work together internally and with our customer.

C3 Values