We’re your spark.

As Catalyst co-founders and principals, Betsy Brown and Jean Hendrickson are industry leaders known for their transparency, integrity, and creative, out-of-the-box thinking and service delivery. In concert with your clinical team, Catalyst’s team of clinical resourcing and operational gurus drives your clinical trial forward. Whether you need feet on the street or support in-house, we work with you to develop targeted, innovative and budget friendly solutions that address your unique business needs.

People like our outlook.

Some call it refreshing. We call it customer-centric. That’s because we base every recommendation or decision on what is in your best interest, and no one else’s. This philosophy lends itself to a highly collaborative, transparent and supportive working partnership. It’s a far cry from the unfortunate trend toward an isolated Sponsor-Vendor relationship.

No cookie-cutter approach here. No way.

We understand that every clinical program has a unique time and place that is often very different from the one it preceded or the one that may follow. When first deciding how to operationalize a study, you consider many variables: Are company resources available to allocate to the project? Is there the required expertise? Where will your sites be located? Do you have appropriate funding for outsourcing? What level of control are you willing to cede for this program? We know each situation calls for a tailored outsourcing solution.

One size does not fit all. Period.

First, we listen. Then we ask questions. Together, we customize a solution for your clinical program. Whether you require a single CRA or a team of remote data reviewers, Catalyst comes through with an integrated, flexible solution. And should the scope of work require a full-service, global solution, we would be glad to recommend a few choice CROs we’ve worked with, who can meet your requirements.

It’s easy to work with us.

Who wants to work with difficult people anyway? Your job is hard enough as it is. We’re easy to work with because we’re flexible, supportive, resourceful, and completely open. At Catalyst we don’t have any hard-and-fast, take-it-or-leave-it rules. With us, you won’t need to negotiate through layers and layers of management to get an answer or solve a problem quickly. One call is all it takes.

Fun people doing serious work.

If you think about it, we’re in a daunting business, striving to provide a better quality of life for people all over the globe by developing novel and innovative products. While we work each and every day to help move those products to market, Catalyst believes you should enjoy your work while doing. So, humor is a value-add with us. And that philosophy is filtered throughout our company. You’ll see the difference in our team members, in our discussions with you, in our correspondence, and in our marketing materials.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

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