We’re your spark.
As Catalyst co-founders and principals, Betsy Brown and Jean Hendrickson are industry leaders known for their transparency, integrity, and creative, out-of-the-box thinking and service delivery.

In concert with your clinical team, Catalyst’s team of clinical resourcing and operational gurus drives your clinical trial forward. Whether you need feet on the street or support in-house, we work with you to develop targeted, innovative and budget friendly solutions that address your unique business needs.

People like our outlook.
Some call it refreshing. We call it customer-centric. That’s because we base every recommendation or decision on what is in your best interest, and no one else’s. This philosophy lends itself to a highly collaborative, transparent and supportive working partnership. In fact, our most recent customer satisfaction survey speaks volumes to our commitment to providing quality and outstanding service delivery. Based on a 1 to 5 rating scale with 5 being “Excellent” and 1 being “Poor”, you can see our customers view us as a valuable, knowledgeable partner

Catalyst Survey


No cookie-cutter approach here.  
We understand that every clinical program has a unique time and place that is often very different from the one it preceded or the one that may follow. First, we listen. Then we ask questions. Are company resources available to allocate to the project? Do you have the required expertise In-house? What level of control are you willing to cede for this program? Do you have appropriate funding for outsourcing? Together, we customize a solution for your clinical program for that given time. Whether you require an augmented professional or an entire clinical team, Catalyst comes through with an integrated, flexible, and customized solution.  Catalyst understands how each situation calls for a tailored outsourcing solution.

We’re international.
Not only does Catalyst have a deep bench across therapeutic indications in North America, but our exposure in Europe and Eastern Europe is broad as well. With greater than 6000 clinical research professionals in our network, 25% is outside the US. To ensure geographical coverage, we also partner with other like-kind OUS companies as needed to ensure delivering the clinical resources and teams when and where in the world they are desired.

We’re easy to work with.
The business of bringing novel and innovative products to market that impact people’s lives is serious business, and we don’t take it lightly at Catalyst. So whether you are a Sponsor, a CRO, or a Candidate, the last thing you need is a partner who is difficult to work with. As a nimble, responsive organization, Catalyst strives to bring the utmost in flexibility to every situation, making your life a bit easier so that you can concentrate on more important matters, like bringing new products to those who need them most.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

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