A great team doesn’t happen by accident. Catalyst brings the precise talent and expertise required to integrate seamlessly with yours.


Our proven approach of combining flexible service offerings, a customer-centric philosophy, complete transparency and a commitment to quality enhance and advance the success of your clinical program.


Years of industry experience gives Catalyst the know-how and expertise to offer creative and budget friendly solutions to your dynamic outsourcing challenges. It’s what makes us a valuable partner.

cat•a•lyst noun


  1. an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action
  2. a person or thing that precipitates an event or change
  3. a valued clinical research partner

At Catalyst, bringing innovative, cost-effective, and highly collaborative solutions to meet the growing operational challenges of Contract Research Organizations, Biopharmaceutical, and Medical Device companies is what we do best.

As our name implies, we created Catalyst to help jump-start or accelerate our Clients’ clinical development programs with the provision of therapeutically-aligned, operational experts and teams.  Whether augmented staff or an entire clinical team is called for, Catalyst is a proven and trusted partnering choice.




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We're your spark.

As Catalyst co-founders and principals, Betsy Brown and Jean Hendrickson are industry leaders known for their transparency, integrity, and creative, out-of-the-box thinking and service delivery. In concert with your clinical team, Catalyst’s team of clinical resourcing and operational gurus drives your clinical trial forward. Whether you need feet on the street or support in-house, we work with you to develop targeted, innovative and budget friendly solutions that address your unique business needs.

People like our outlook.

Some call it refreshing. We call it customer-centric. That’s because we base every recommendation or decision on what is in our client’s best interest, and no one else’s. This philosophy lends itself to a highly collaborative, transparent and supportive working partnership, an unfortunate far cry from today’s often divisive sponsor-CRO relationship. In fact, our recent customer satisfaction survey (results below) speaks volumes of our commitment to quality and outstanding service delivery.

We’re budget friendly.

Every program is unique. That is why together we define what resources and level of expertise are required outside of your own, so there is no redundancy in operationalizing your clinical team and no paying for services you don’t require.  And even with the steep rise in clinical research labor, we will work with you to provide a high quality yet cost effective solution. So with Catalyst as your partner, you receive the services, attention, and quality of a niche service provider all within a much friendlier budget.

Source: 2018 Survey Results

  • Overall Service Delivery (4.55 rating)
  • Quality of Services (4.60 rating)
  • Responsiveness (4.82 rating)
  • Our Clinical Resourcing Managers (4.58 rating)
  • Clinical Research Know-How (4.76 rating)
  • Overall Value to Your Organization (4.70 rating)
  • Compared to Our Competition (4.44 rating)

We’re easy to work with.

The business of bringing novel and innovative products to market that impact people’s lives is serious business, and we don’t take it lightly at Catalyst. So whether you are a Sponsor, a CRO, or a Candidate, the last thing you need is a partner who is difficult to work with. As a nimble, responsive organization, Catalyst strives to bring the utmost in flexibility to every situation, making your life a bit easier so that you can concentrate on more important matters, like bringing new products to those who need them most.

We’re international.

Having recently established our European Headquarters in the United Kingdom, Catalyst has greatly enhanced its international capabilities and services to support your global development programs. In fact, our European staff have provided monitoring services in 28 countries to date including Western Europe, Eastern Europe and MENA. For exceptional levels of client service, standardized global procedures and ease of contracting, Catalyst is a proven and trusted choice for support of your international trials.

No cookie-cutter approach.

Your organization is continually evolving, and we understand that every clinical program has a unique time and place that is often very different from the one it preceded or the one that may follow. Together, we’ll design a tailored approach that addresses the unique prerequisites your development program warrants. Whether a seasoned professional, a clinical monitoring team, or a full service solution is required, Catalyst comes through with deliberate strategies to ensure a successful outcome.

Refreshing Isn’t It?


What Our Clients Say

As with any project or program we are always working with humans who, as we know, are fallible. What makes a difference in this industry is how organizations stand behind their work and their general integrity. Jean Hendrickson and Betsy Brown have been hugely successful because of their integrity and commitment to their customers. No matter how big or small the project they act like they are your partner and that is why I would continue to choose them.”

-Lisa Zimmerman, Formerly Vice President, Clinical Operations, POZEN, Inc.



“To this day I use this study (a phase III Crohn’s) as my example of the best managed clinical trial I have been a part of. The monitors knew the protocol in detail, interacted with the site and CRO staff extremely well, closely and accurately monitored the sites, and contacted me as appropriate. Their questions or concerns were appropriate and they discussed with me succinctly and in an articulate manner by writing and phone. I appreciated the fact that I was more free to function as a medical monitor and I could have confidence in the oversight of the sites. It was literally the most enjoyable experience I have had in my 20 year pharmaceutical career, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with such a group again.“

-Medical Monitor, Biopharma



“Had an excellent experience working with Scot, Kristen and Sylvia – very professional and (they) provided excellent turn around time and response to questions and study needs. The monitors Kim S and Maria G were knowledgeable, hardworking and well-liked by their sites.”



Great client and business development support – highly knowledgable and responsive.”



Great team. Ann Marie Cisneros is fantastic. Great customer service. Flexible and great to work with!”



I can always count on great communication and quality candidates when using Catalyst.”



“The Catalyst staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional and responds quickly to all questions and issues. I have worked with many other CRAs and project managers placed by Catalyst, and they all are very seasoned, knowledgeable individuals with a team attitude.”


With all the outsourcing choices available to Sponsor’s today, why consider partnering with Catalyst? Just a few of many reasons summarized below.


Let us catapult your program to the next level.

With more than two decades of experience supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, we understand the inherent challenges in operationalizing a clinical trial: timing, budget, quality and targeted resources, to name a few. That said, the last thing you need is a rigid outsourcing partner. You need a partner who makes your work life easier and who contributes to the overall success of your program. You need an impetus, a driving force…well, a catalyst.


A-teams only.

A great team doesn’t happen by accident. On the contrary, it’s purposed and intentional. That’s why we engage the industry’s best and brightest clinical research professionals to support our clients’ development programs. With Catalyst, you will not get “who happens to be available” because we hand pick each professional based on the expertise required, the scope of work, and your desires. And, we welcome you to interview and select each team member to ensure the right fit culturally as well as professionally.

Catalysts’ core competency is clinical operations, building teams and augmenting staff comprised of Project Managers and Coordinators, Clinical Trial Leads, CRAs, Medical Monitors, Auditors, Site Specialists and Contract Negotiators to provide the following customizable services:

Augmented Contract Staff

When you simply can’t hire the head count required for your program, engaging temporary staff is a cost-effective option. That’s true whether you need clinical resources to support your team for a week, six months or a year or more. Catalyst’s global network of nearly 8,000 clinical research professionals will ensure you receive the right talent at the right time.

Monitoring Teams

When you are managing your study internally, and don’t require the services of a full service CRO, Catalyst is a great choice to build and manage, if desired, your monitoring team. Ideally, the chosen CRAs will be situated close to your study centers to save on travel time and expenses, and each team member will have the exact therapeutic and functional experience to contribute to your program from day one. This model allows you to maintain control over your study and participating study centers, while being very kind to your budget.

CRO Oversight

Now more than ever, Sponsors are opting to engage full service CROs to outsource their Clinical development programs. With the increase in outsourcing, regulatory authorities are cracking down on Sponsors for not providing the required oversight and governance to their outsourced projects.  Should internal oversight resources be tight, Catalyst has a wealth of experience in supporting Sponsor’s with a variety of oversight services of their CROs to ensure:

  • Data integrity and patient safety: by performing field monitoring oversight visits including oversight plan creation and analysis of findings/trends
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Contractual compliance:  ensure Sponsor is being billed appropriately for services and deliverables invoiced
  • Targeted CRO selection and qualification including RFP preparation/proposal evaluations, scorecard creation and bid defense logistics and analysis
  • Site audit readiness visits to prepare sites for potential agency audits

Best in Class CRO Solution

Catalyst now offers a “Best in Class” CRO solution whereby we partner with highly experienced, niche service providers to provide a full suite of outsourcing services in a cost effective manner. Each partner company is expert within their respective functions, bringing qualified, experienced resources and expertise to your programs, so you gain all the benefits of engaging quality, niche functional services, but all under one umbrella.

  • Catalyst’s clinical operations expertise provides the overall program management and study oversight including vendor management, as well as perform all of the clinical services as desired.
  • Depending on the level and complexity of Data Management and Biostatistical services required, we will recommend one of our like-minded partners. Our data management and biostats partners offer an array of data services including both paper and EDC-based trials, including database design and build, as well as industry leading statistical analysis and reporting services.
  • For safety reporting and safety management we also partner with a niche providers depending on the study phase and complexity of the safety services required. With decades of experience working with pharmaceutical and contract research organizations handling all medical and safety aspects of clinical trials, across diverse therapeutic areas and trial designs, our safety partners are second to none.

Project Rescue/Support

Hopefully your study isn’t in need of a life support, but if it is, we can help. Catalyst has a great deal of experience supporting sponsors in complete project rescue and transition planning. Catalyst can also take on a segment or function of the study from the current provider, which can often result in re-stabilizing the entire program and getting the trial back on track.

Remote Data Review

Sometimes you have more data coming in than people to review it: an upcoming data safety monitoring committee meeting, an interim analysis, or a large study with fast enrollment. For any reason, allocating resources to ensure your study data is clean and appropriate early on can be a prudent investment in avoiding costly problems and surprises later.

Medical Writing

With a broad and highly experienced network of medical writers, Catalyst can provide the specific expertise to support your IND preparation, safety narrative writing, clinical study report generation, manuscripts and NDA section writing.


Only pay for what you need. No redundancy.

Over the years we have noticed that Sponsors often pay for services or functions from their provider that are already possessed internally.  We think that’s inefficient and expensive.  For each unique program, we define with you what resources and expertise are needed outside of your own, so there is no redundancy in operationalizing your clinical team and no paying for services you don’t need.

What’s more, our fees are generally 30% less than a full service CRO solution. That can add up to a lot of savings.  With the Catalyst CRO model, you receive the services, attention, and quality of niche providers all within a friendlier budget.


Size does matter.

Catalyst isn’t for everyone. In fact, our service delivery model is most appropriate for small to medium size development companies who rely on their partners for quality, responsiveness and flexibility. For those companies where every dime matters and there is no excess to pay for redundant services. Where maintaining control of your study and the relationship with your investigative sites is critical. For these client’s, our smaller, nimble organization is a true advantage.

That’s because we base every decision or recommendation on what is in our client’s best interest. So our relationships are highly collaborative, transparent, and supportive – a true partnership.  And at Catalyst, you won’t have to weed through layers of management to address a concern or get your question answered. In fact, our customers have direct access to the company’s Principals, Betsy and Jean.


Moving clinical trials forward.

Whether you choose to operationalize your clinical program internally, or outsource some of the functions, consider Catalyst.  Catalyst is a proven alternative to further your development programs by bringing the right team and the right solution, all for an attractive price.


Need a Catalyst?


What Our Clients Say

“Great client and business development support – highly knowledgable and responsive.”

“Great team. Ann Marie Cisneros is fantastic. Great customer service. Flexible and great to work with!”

“At a time when quality clinical research professionals are in high demand and short supply, it is often challenging for CROs like ours to find the right contract personnel to complete our study teams.  Catalyst knows our organization’s culture and they’re good at matching us with people who will succeed here. Catalyst is our preferred resourcing partner and we can recommend them without qualification.”


With all the staffing providers available to support CRO’s today, why consider partnering with Catalyst? Just a few of many reasons summarized below.

Driving CRO growth for decades.

Having worked for and alongside CROs for more than twenty years, the Catalyst team understands the challenges growing service providers and strategic partners face today. Mainly, how do we continue to grow our business without sacrificing quality and budget? How can we ensure the study will be appropriately resourced when it’s not economically feasible to hire the right talent prior to project award?

That’s where we can help—by providing the exact professional resources you need as a stop-gap measure until you are ready to add headcount and move to the next hiring level. Count on us to deliver flexible, resourcing solutions to meet the increasing demands of your growing organization.


Flexible resources just when you need them.

At Catalyst, we understand that your reputation is on the line with your Sponsor’s clinical program, so your choice of a resourcing partner is crucial.  That’s why we offer a range of flexible solutions to fit your study needs and budget. From engaging a Clinical Trial Lead to augment your team, to a SWAT approach to knock out pre-study site visits, Catalyst is a proven, responsive and trusted partnering choice.


It starts with a knowledgeable and reliable resource.

Because we’ve worked for and alongside CROs for more than two decades, we understand the idiosyncrasies and challenges inherent as a service provider or strategic partner. You can count on us to deliver customizable resourcing solutions to meet the demands of your growing organization.

During this time we have developed a broad, global network of experienced clinical research professionals to meet most any resourcing need you may have. While therapeutically-aligned, regional CRAs remains our sweet spot, completing a team with Project Managers, Lead CRAs, Safety Specialists, QA auditors, Medical Monitors and most things clinical are also core competencies.


Happy sponsors are good business.

With Catalyst as your partner, you can rest assured that your clinical programs will be well resourced, with seasoned and targeted professionals, allowing you to meet or exceed your study milestones and making for happy clients. And that’s good for everyone involved.

Ready for a Catalyst?


What Our Candidates Say

“Catalyst is a superb resourcing agency to work with!  As a 26-year independent Sr. CRA, I have contracted with Catalyst for the past several years. I have valued their consideration of my extensive oncology background and available time in providing consistent employment for me on a variety of great projects.”  


“The Catalyst staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional and responds quickly to all questions and issues. I have worked with many other CRAs and project managers placed by Catalyst, and they all are very seasoned, knowledgeable individuals with a team attitude.”

Let’s face it, today clinical research professionals have many choices when it comes to their next career move or contract opportunity. So why should you consider working with us?


Go with the best to be seen as the best.

Simply stated, we are the best at what we do. It’s true. Just ask our clients and other clinical professionals, many of whom we’ve continued to work with for more than two decades. It’s a prudent move to associate yourself with excellence, integrity, and


Proven at opening doors and advancing careers.

Chances are we’ve either worked with you or someone you know. That’s how long we’ve been around. And we bring opportunities directly to you so you don’t have to spend non-billable time hunting down your next project. That’s a huge time saver and a great deal of relief.


We’re your advocate.

We are only as good as the people who work with us, so we greatly value each clinical professional who joins our team as we would a client.  And contrary to some, you’re not a commodity to us—you’re a highly skilled professional!  As clinical research professionals ourselves, we understand the nuances and challenges of our work. So we not only help ensure the next opportunity is just right for you, we support you every step of the way throughout the assignment.


Awesome clients.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with innovative clients with exciting new products that can make a difference in the lives of people throughout the world, from immunotherapies to vaccines. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? By joining Catalyst, you are automatically exposed to a variety of these Sponsor and CRO companies bringing a multitude of opportunities right to you.


Wide-ranging job opportunities. 

We work hard every day to offer a variety of opportunities for both the seasoned and less experienced (two years plus) clinical professional, from CRAs to Program Managers to Medical Monitors. Whether direct hire or contract, check in and check often to view what’s on tap. And add us to your favorites!


View our Latest Job Openings

Ready to be a Catalyst?


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