Functional Expertise

Quality & Compliance

At Catalyst, quality is not lip service. We understand the importance of supporting a continuous quality improvement system. To do that we utilize a company-wide quality system that uses global quality and escalation policies specifically designed to ensure quality processes each and every time. Catalyst leadership is firmly commitment to quality, which allows our quality assurance team to operate independently, both functionally and financially, from our operational groups.

Our team’s hands-on, independent approach coupled with proven processes ensure that you will receive quality and compliance data to support your regulatory submissions.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality and Compliance

In addition to supporting our continuous quality improvement and vendor management, our QA team is available to assist and support you with many services including:

  • Study-specific audits (GCP/TMF/CSR)
  • Selected vendor audits/assessments
  • Compliance assessment (anti-bribery, privacy, international law)
  • Quality consulting
  • Inspection readiness/preparedness
  • Quality training