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Full-Service Oncology Clinical Research Organization

A CRO Built for Oncology, Because Every Second Counts

Oncology clinical research is complex, demanding and continually evolving. At Catalyst, we devote our time, energy and capital in supporting our customer’s oncology clinical research programs. This comes from a personal passion to find a cure, and a cultural tenet to being exceptional in one area versus mediocre in many. Bringing effective therapies to market faster is our mission because every second counts for the patients and their families living with cancer.

Staff & Corporate Oncology Experience

Catalyst Oncology Experience pie chart

We have designed our full-service, managed solutions for dynamic companies who require an adaptive, transparent and results-oriented partner to support them in their gallant efforts. We’ve intentionally focused our investments in areas that make a difference in operationalizing oncology programs, driving studies to successful completion including:

  • Providing expertise on protocol and trial design through a highly experienced team of professionals.
  • Hiring seasoned staff with strong oncology and operational expertise in the latest therapeutic modalities including immunotherapies, combination therapies and precision medicines.
  • Retaining highly seasoned oncology physicians.
  • Utilizing technology that interconnects and easily accepts data associated within oncology trials.
  • Leveraging strong site relationships and networks to ensure proper patient support and trial optimization.
  • Engaging our broad, global network of senior clinical monitors with significant oncology experience across solid and liquid tumor indications.
  • Partnering with other service providers to bring niche expertise such as concierge or in-home patient trial services.
Oncology CRO

Great strides in science are driving new therapies and treatment options, in turn, increasing clinical trial operational complexities. Deep therapeutic and functional expertise, ingenuity and greater transparency are essential. We can help maneuver your life-changing therapies through the complex and dynamic clinical trial environment. It all begins with listening.

Innovative Trial Design

Breakthroughs happen due to new genes, new targets and new drug strategies. Breakthroughs happen due to new trial designs that allow fewer false negatives, more flexibility, more definitive and faster results. Catalyst is at the forefront of innovative trial design by using adaptive and Bayesian methods. Catalyst encourages the use of adaptive trials even in the context of classical statistics, but our statistical staff and consultants are in the leading edge of Bayesian trial design that allow rigorous statistic validity with the flexibility of real time results, multiple end points and subgroup analysis, and true probability densities.

Catalyst can support client’s inspirations for optimal trial design and execution with the use of the following innovations design methodologies:  

  • Classic non-inferiority trials
  • Group Sequential methods (interim analysis for efficiency, power, number of patients, etc.) both classic frequentist and Bayesian
  • CRM (continuous re- assessment method) for optimal Phase I dose finding
  • Bayesian Binary end point Phase II studies (such as overall survival or progression free survival)
  • Bayesian survival curves (including interval censored data for progression free survival)

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Adaptive Trial Designs from the Clinical Floor

Case Study

Case Study

Prostate Cancer Clinical Utility Study

Combining our culture and core tenets of People First, Transparency, Responsiveness, Flexibility and Passion, with our laser-focus in oncology clinical research, you can rest assured knowing that your program is in the best of hands.