Functional Expertise

Central Site Services

At Catalyst, we recognize that the foundation of a successful study are active and engaged sites. Too often, sites are treated with a “one size fits all“ approach requiring them to endure multiple contacts and redundant work. Our central site services team is structured to provide end-to-end support to sites through dedicated resources. That’s a big plus for sites.  

This begins in the start-up phase where our team collaborates with sponsors and sites to establish realistic goals for an efficient and timely start-up. Start-up is a complex process where appropriate planning, transparent communication and quick mitigation are key. From the onset, we will establish a clear, common and tailored approach for each site participating in the study. Once sites are activated the primary point of contact shifts to our team of experienced CRAs. However, the central site services team remains onboard for in-house support for both the sites and the CRAs.

To compliment our experienced staff, our best-in-class clinical systems (CTMS, EDC, eTMF) are interconnected, allowing for a more efficient, single point of entry process. Combining innovative technology with a dedicated in-house team and innovative processes from start-up through close-out, streamlines the process, decreases hand-offs and reduces waste. A winning combination for all.

Dedicated teams for all our site services

Central Site Services

Our Central Site Services team are responsible for:

  • Site start-up
  • Site contracts and budgets
  • Site payments
  • CTMS
  • eTMF management and inspection readiness
  • Project and clinical team management support
  • CRA support
  • Central site support
  • Project maintenance activities