As a Clinical Research Professional you are no stranger to constant travel and endless amounts of work. After you visit your site you still need to find time to complete reports, communicate with your team, and if you’re on contract record your hours. It can be difficult to fit all these extra tasks in with travel and still submit your required documents in a timely manner. So why not get a little extra work done in the airport?

The obvious place to get work done on a layover or while waiting for your flight is an airport lounge, but memberships and day passes can be expensive. Luckily, there are a few affordable options to get yourself into an airport lounge for some quality work time. offers day passes to different lounges in nearly every airport worldwide for affordable prices. From what we have researched they are usually around $35 for lounges in the US. There are also public lounges in several major hubs that allow access to quite areas for just $20.

What if you don’t want to pay anything for a quite place to get work done during this empty time in your day? Head over to to find the most comfortable and quite places in major airports across the world. Yes this site is geared towards finding places to sleep, but you will find that they usually direct you to areas with less traffic, comfortable seating, and plenty of outlets to plug in your devices. Perfect for focusing in on a concentrated hour or so of work. You can also purchase day passes for airport lounges on this site.

Another great option, and a personal preference for many, is to just grab a coffee and plug in to a Starbucks or Café closest to your terminal. It may offer many distractions but the caffeine will help you focus and you can still hear any changes that happen with your flight. If you want to minimize distractions, pack noise-cancelling headphones. They will also help you sleep on your plane ride for an added bonus!

How do you maximize your layover time? What is your favorite place to get extra work done?